Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan answers the media question

Question: According to Armenian media, on August 22, the government of this country “for the first time allocated funds to foreign non-profit organizations to monitor elections in unrecognized Karabakh”. Moreover, it has been described as an "unprecedented decision." Like, "the Armenian government has always been in the role of asking for money for democracy, and now - in the role of the donor." What could you say in this regard?

Answer: Regarding this information of the Armenian media, it should be reminded that Armenia, occupying the territories of Azerbaijan, is not the first time organizes various kinds of shows there, which it calls “elections” or “referendum”. Upon the outcome of these shows, the entire international community invariably declares its principled position regarding support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, non-recognition of the illegal regime, as well as any "elections" held by it.

By allocating funds for monitoring the “elections” in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the Armenian government once again recognizes its effective control over the Nagorno-Karabakh region and the adjoining administrative districts of our country, thus confirming the relevant conclusion of the European Court of Human Rights contained in its 2015 judgment on the case of “Chiragov and others versus Armenia”.

And finally, attempts to present the so-called “local government elections” in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as an indicator of democracy do not hold water. The entire world community condemns the acts of mass killing of the Azerbaijani population, ethnic cleansing and violation of the fundamental rights of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons. Armenia, which is responsible for all these international torts, can in no way claim the status of a proponent of democracy.

The Armenian government, instead of futile attempts to create a false appearance of "exporting democracy" to the occupied Azerbaijani Karabakh, should think about the pressing problems of its own citizens. In addition, its actions should not go against the logic of advancing the negotiation process to resolve the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and serve to preserve the status quo based on the illegal occupation of internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan.

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