Spokesperson of the MFA of the Republic of Azerbaijan L.Abdullayeva answers the media question regarding the so-called "local self-government elections" in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan

Question: According to some media resources of Armenia the so-called "elections" to the "local self-government bodies" will be held on September 8, of this year in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Could you share your comments on this matter as a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry?

Answer: Indeed, according to the Armenian media, in the territories of our country occupied by Armenia, it is planned to hold the next show presented as “elections”. However, there are realities well-known to everyone: no matter what "elections" they try to talk about in conditions of military aggression, occupation, mass ethnic cleansing and other illegal actions, neither this upcoming mock, nor its results are recognized and will be recognized by the international community. This fully applies also to the puppet regime created by Armenia in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan.

It should be reminded that the international community, including the co-chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group, unequivocally noted the non-recognition of all the false “elections” held to this day and their results. There is only one truth regarding the attempts made by Armenia to promote the puppet regime created by it in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of our country at events held in various foreign countries with the support of the Armenian diaspora and lobbying circles, as well as regarding the organization of illegal visits and other provocative actions and this truth is unchangeable. I will point out with concrete examples what this truth consists of.

For instance, the recent case of Australia, where a visit of representatives of the illegal regime was organized, and they tried to highlight it almost as "recognition". Support by the Australian Federal Government for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is certainly well known. At the same time, amid the recent provocations of the Armenian side, the Australian Foreign Ministry on its official website reiterated its support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the non-recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh as an "independent state."

Another example is the following – responding to the information circulated in the Armenian press that the illegal regime was allegedly presented as observer at the land elections held in Germany, the German Foreign Ministry stressed to the Embassy of our country that these media insinuations have no ground, underlining that Germany does not recognize neither Nagorno-Karabakh, nor the “elections” held there.

I could give many other examples of this kind. In a word, the truth is that Nagorno-Karabakh is an inalienable part of Azerbaijan, and this is reflected in all international documents.

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